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Old Glory Miniature Figures NewsJust In Time for CLAYMORE!
A shipment has arrived from the USA including a good selection of new stuff all of which we'll be bringing to Claymore!
All the new items are in 15mm from Blue Moon. We have additions to the Seven Years War range, Russian Cavalry and Artillery Crews, Prussian Hussars in Busby, Austrian Artillery Crews.
The Zulu War has its first release, 2 packs each of British Infantry and Zulu Warriors.
The Napoleonic range now has packs of Generals for each of the 5 major Nations - so French, British, Austrian, Russian and Prussian Generals.

Command Decision WW2 has 6 new packs of German AFVs. These new items will be placed on the website in the next few days but will be available for sale at Claymore on Saturday!
See you there
Thu Jul 31st
Old Glory Miniature Figures NewsCLAYMORE!
Claymore 2014, will be held on Saturday 2nd August, 2014, at the Granton Campus of Edinburgh College, 350 West Granton Road, Edinburgh EH5 1QE. Doors will open to the public at 10.00am.
Old Glory UK will be there as always.
YES! We will have new items!
Additions to the Blue Moon 15mm ranges will include - the Mexican American War and the Seven Years War with possible additions - if they get across the pond in time! These being the Zulu War and more Russian and Prussian Seven Years War and the first packs of Napoleonic High Command.
Other new items should include the Re-relase of the Alouette3 helicopter AND with a bit of luck the 1/100TH 15mm Hawker Hunter aircraft model, and a new 15mm Command group for the Rhodesian troopies from Fireforce Miniatures.
Also from Fireforce the Falklands War Special forces 1 pack each for the Britsh and Argentinians
YES! The never ending "6 for 5" deal will be in operation.

We'll also be bringing our usual show stock - so
All the 15mm Command Decision, WW2 and Modern vehicles and figures that we have plus Fireforce Miniatures and Lil' Flyin' Fokkers Aircraft models
All the Blue Moon 15mm ranges that we have, Ancients, Marlborough, GNW, FIW, SYW, AWI,Mad Anthony Wayne, Pirates, Napoleonic, Texas Revolution, Mexican - American War, ACW, Old West, Plains Wars, French Foreign Legion, British Colonial, Deep Dark Africa, Horror and Gangsters.
Drabant 40mm and the Superb 28mm Dark Ages Range.
Sash and Saber - 28mm ACW and Napoleonic
Old Glory - a selection of 28mm ranges including Italian Wars, Wars of Religion, Dark Ages, Crusades, Hundred Years War, Wars of the Roses and as many others as we can fit into the van.
Pre-orders welcome -
See you in Scotland!
Andy OGUK.

Mon Jul 21st
Old Glory Miniature Figures NewsNew From Drabant in 28mm
Four new boxes in this High Quality range. Viking Command Viking Archers and the first 2 packs of the New Norman range.
Tue Nov 19th
Old Glory Miniature Figures NewsNew Packs from Blue Moon
8 New figure packs from Blue Moon Manufacturing in the 15mm Colonial and Napoleonic ranges are available now.
Thu Oct 31st
New Miniature Figures PicturesNew Picture
15mm Blue Moon Manufacturing ACW.
Thu Oct 31st
New Miniature Figures PicturesNew Picture
Lil' Flyin' Fokker BFF022
Fri Aug 12th
New Miniature Figures PicturesNew Picture
Lil' Flyin' Fokker
Fri Aug 12th
New Miniature Figures PicturesNew Picture
Painted by David Wilson.
Wed Jun 1st
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