15mm Blue Moon Manufacturing

15mm Blue Moon Manufacturing / 15mm WWI / British

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  • 15WWI-300: Infantry Command
  • 15WWI-301: Infantry Advancing
  • 15WWI-302: Heavy and Light MG's with crew
  • 15WWI-308: Light Trench Mortar with crew
  • 15WWI-309: Heavy Trench Mortar with crew
  • 15WWI-310: 18lb Field Gun withe crew
  • 15WWI-311: Whippet Tank
  • 15WWI-312: Mark IV Tank
  • 15WWI-315: Quick Fire 13pdr with crew
  • 15WWI-316: BL 60pdr MKI with crew
  • 15WWI-317: Mark I Tank
  • 15WWI-318: V Tank
  • 15WWI-319: MK I Gun Carrier
  • 15WWI-320: MK I Ammo Carrier
  • 15WWI-321: AEC 3 Ton Truck
  • 15WWI-322: Halford 3 Ton Truck
  • 15WWI-323: Light Ambulance Mk I
  • 15WWI-324: GS Wagon Mk VIII
  • 15WWI-325: Minerva Armoured Car