Grand Scale 10mm

Grand Scale 10mm / 10mm Imperial Rome / Imperial Rome and her Enemies

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  • IRE-100: Roman Legionary Command
  • IRE-101: Roman Legionaries
  • IRE-102: Auxilliery Infantry Command
  • IRE-103: Auxilliery Infantry
  • IRE-104: Eastern Auxilliary Archers
  • IRE-106: Medium Cavalry (Scale Armour)
  • IRE-107: Heavy Cavalry
  • IRE-200: Dacian Infantry Command
  • IRE-201: Dacian infantry with Falx
  • IRE-202: Dacian Infantry with Spears.
  • IRE-300: Parthian Cavalry Command
  • IRE-301: Parthian Shock Cavalry
  • IRE-302: Parthian Horse Archers
  • IRE-400: Sarmation Cavalry Command (9 Mounted Figures)
  • IRE-401: Sarmation Shock Cavalry