28mm Ancients

28mm Ancients / Late Roman Empire / The Age of Arthur

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  • PAA-001: Romano British Cavalry Comm.
  • PAA-002: Romano British Spearmen Comm.
  • PAA-003: Romano British Archers
  • PAA-004: Romano British High Command(6)
  • PAA-005: Saxon Upper Class Warriors Comm.
  • PAA-006: Saxon Lower Class Warriors Comm.
  • PAA-007: Pictish Archers
  • PAA-008: Pictish Spearmen
  • PAA-009: Pictish Cavalry
  • PAA-010: Pictish Crossbows
  • PAA-011: Pictish Chariots (3)
  • PAA-012: Irish Upper Class Warriors
  • PAA-013: Irish Lower Class Warriors